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Unraveling time

Posted by Angela on May 19, 2011
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Do you ever find yourself wondering where the time has gone? Whether you’re engrossed in something and lose track of the hours, or you look up and realize it’s no longer spring, the moments have a way of slipping by. I find that the older I get, the faster time seems to move. Perhaps that’s why I’m so drawn to this knitted calendar by Patrick Frey.

Watching the weeks separate from the year…I am captivated. I imagine it would be oddly reassuring to feel the time pass through your fingers into a pile that can be gathered and made something of.

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Writing inspiration

Posted by Angela on May 16, 2011
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As I try to get back on track with daily writing (after failing to complete 100 Days), I am inspired by the words of other writers whose work I admire.

Write all the time, hone your voice, and make sure that you have a way of saying something that is yours and yours alone. Find a way to stand out. Be funny and be different. Live a life that gives you lots of stories. Love and laugh and make friends and get your heart broken and have stuff be messy and weird and sometimes too extreme. But make sure you write about it. Figure out how you feel about it. Write constantly, and be brave with your words.

Pamela Ribon, Your Parents Will Never Wish You This Life

I think there is this fear of writing badly, something primal about it, like: “This bad stuff is coming out of me…” Forget it! Let it float away and the good stuff follows. For me, the bad beginning is just something to build on. It’s no big deal. You have to give yourself permission to do that because you can’t expect to write regularly and always write well. That’s when people get into the habit of waiting for the good moments, and that is where I think writer’s block comes from. Like: It’s not happening. Well, maybe good writing isn’t happening, but let some bad writing happen. Let it happen!

Jennifer Egan, The Days of Yore interview

Writers are thieves. We steal moments and memories and now we steal minutes, too. We scramble for extra seconds and shove them in our pockets when no one is looking. If you want to write, you make it work. You make time. There’s really no other way.

Tahereh Mafi, Stealing Time to Make a Schedule

Finding your voice, finding courage, finding time…these are common struggles for me. Where do you find inspiration for writing?


Coffee time

Posted by Angela on May 12, 2011
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On mornings like this, when I struggle to shake off sleep, it helps to take a moment to just sit, slowly sip that first cup of hot coffee, and look at something beautiful. These lovely stop-motion videos by Ching-Wen Wu are a perfect start to the day.

Every cup of coffee contains its own soul, extracted from your feeling today. Every cup of coffee is like a magic show containing different journey and bringing the unending imagination and surprises. With a sip of coffee, you not only taste your own story, but also change your perspective of the world.

h/t @swissmiss

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Posted by Angela on May 09, 2011
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Taking a letterpress class is on my life to-do list.

via @designworklife

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